Leak-tightness control units


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Leak-tightness control unit is a device designed for automatic checking of the gas valves block units before ignition of the burner and ensures a safe start-up of the boiler.

It is used to control the leak-tightness of the gas train (gas valves block units) of industrial boiler burners and similar gas-burning devices.


(fig. 1)

(fig. 2)

Figure 1 – housing version with IP41 protection degree for installation in a cabinet with mounting on a din-rail (СВР-1 series);

Figure 2 – version with IP54 protection degree with the possibility of outdoor installation under roof (СВР-2 series).


  • Possibility of time setting for testing the valves in the process of monitoring the leak-tightness of the gas block unit;
  • Interacts with various types of boiler control automation;
  • Information about the leak-tightness of the solenoid valves is displayed on the LED panel;
  • Provides control in manual or automatic modes;
  • Can be completed with one or two pressure switches (mechanical or electronic types).


Power source 220 V, 50 Hz; 24 V DC
Maximum current through the contact relays 5 А
Maximum switched voltage by contacts 250 V
Testing time range 10…990 sec (кратно 10)
Interface with remote computer RS-485
Power consumption no more than 6 VA
Average service life 9 years
Climatic version -30…60 °С


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