NEW PRODUCT: Double solenoid valves and multiblocks


Double solenoid valves and mutiblocks are the units, which combined two types of solenoid valves and other supplementary devices in one housing/body. Such unit allows the following combination of different functions in one housing:

  • Shut-off valve + shut-off valve (pic.1);
  • Shut-off valve + three-position valve (high/low flow rate mode) (pic.2);
  • Shut-off valve + shut-off valve with slow opening (pic.3);
  • Shut-off valve + manual flow rate regulator - shut-off valve (pic.4);
  • Shut-off valve + electromechanical flow rate regulator + shut-off valve (pic.5);
  • Combined double valve (multi-unit) (pic.6).

Shut-off gas valveShut-off gas valveShut-off gas valve

Pic. 1                                Pic. 2                                Pic. 3

Shut-off gas valveShutt-off gas valveShut-off gas valve

Pic. 4                                Pic. 5                                Pic. 6


These products are used to control and regulate the supply of gaseous media in gas burners of hot water and steam boilers, melting and drying furnaces, gas heaters and other gas consuming devices, where multistage control of the medium flow is required.


  • Smaller overall dimensions (to 30%) in comparison with gas valve block units assembled from single products;
  • Low total coefficient of hydraulic resistance;
  • Reduction of time spent on installation and maintenance;
  • Special construction for operation environment with temperature -45 ... + 120 ° C;
  • The units can be completed with valve shutter position sensors, relay pressure sensors, manual or electromechanical flow rate regulators, as well as manufacturing of explosion-proof version.