About TERMOBREST | Short video version

Our manufactured product range includes more than 9000 types, type-sizes and modifications, which due to their performance form a group of high-quality shutoff and control safety valves for gaseous and liquid mediums.

All products manufactured by TERMOBREST engineers are in-house design. More than 85% of products are exported. In close cooperation with consumers, our specialists are working to improve the existing products and expand product range.

A broad range of climatic modifications is an outstanding feature of TERMOBREST products. It provides an opportunity to use the equipment practically in all climatic zones at ambient temperature range from –60 С° to +40 С°.

Energy saving is among our primary objectives too. Our specialists together with German engineers have developed and implemented a new technology enabling to reduce valve’s energy consumption by 50%. Thus, our products are both reliable and environmentally friendly.

The maximum order schedule does not exceed 10 days irrespective of complexity and configuration of the order.

We follow a single price policy meaning a single price list for the customers irrespective of the destination.

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