Gas filters

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Gas filter is a device designed for gas purification from mechanical particles (dust, rust (corrosion), sand fire scale and other solid particles) and it is installed in front of the shut-off and control fittings unit of gas-burning devices of hot water boilers, heat generators, infrared heaters and other gas-fired installations. It can be applied in measuring instruments (flow meters, meters, manometers, etc.), gas household heating appliances (gas stoves, boilers, direct-flow water heaters, etc.) in gas control units and installations, as well as in other technological gas-air lines, where the operating environment purification from the mechanical particles is required.

An application of gas filters on the pipeline allows a significant service life increase and reliability of the shut-off and control fittings unit, measuring instruments and other devices.


Gas filters (FH series) are manufactured in versions with maximum operating pressure up to 3 bar (0.3 MPa), up to 6 bar (0.6 MPa) and up to 16 bar (1.6 MPa). Maximum operating pressure is the highest overpressure, when the declared filtration characteristics of the operating environment are provided.


From 15 up to 300 mm


  • steel: DN15÷300;
  • iron cast: DN150, DN-200;
  • aluminum: DN15÷200.


  • -30…+40 °С version – installation in irregularly heated rooms;
  • -45…+40 °С version – installation under roof;
  • -60…+40 °С version – installation under roof;
  • -60…+40 °С version – outdoor installation.


Linear (standard) version

Angle version

Standard (linear) version of gas filters is applied onto the straight sections of the pipeline. Angle version of the filter is used at facilities with limited space (gas-distributing plant, distribution pressure reducing station, etc.). Application of the angle version can reduce the number of welds and joints when arranging the corner sections of the pipeline.

Flange connection (DN15÷300)

Coupling connection (DN15÷50)

Gas filters with flange connection are manufactured with PN 6 (standard) or PN 16 (upon request) flanges.


TERMOBREST filters are manufactured in standard version with a filtration degree of 50 microns.

We can also produce filters with different filtration degrees: 2 microns, 5 microns, 10 microns, 20 microns, 80 microns, 200 microns.


  • Filtering pad - is a fibro porous polymer material that provides fine filtration (from 2 up to 50 microns) and it has an improved operational factor in terms of strength, permeability and rigidity compared with other types of fine purification filtering elements. Servicing (cleaning) of such filtering element can be carried out by blowing with compressed air or rinsing in water using detergents;
  • Strainer - is a stainless steel grid with a mesh of various sizes, for example, 50 microns, 80 microns, 200 microns. It has low resistance factor, long service life, the replacement is not required and it can be cleaned several times.


To control the contamination degree (pressure drop) of filtering element different types of contamination indicators can be installed on the filter:

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

  1. Mechanical type of contamination indicator – control of the degree of contamination of the filtering element is carried out visually, using to the inspection window overlap by the indicator element;
  2. Electric type of contamination indicator with power source mains-operated 24V AC/DC – filtering element contamination control is carried out visually on the LED scale, as well as using a feedback signal (4…20 mA) to the automatic equipment;
  3. Battery-operated electric type of contamination indicator – filtering element contamination control is carried out visually on the LED scale, by pressing the button on the pressure drop indicator housing;
  4. Arrow type contamination indicator – control of the degree of contamination of the filtering element is carried out on a scale (dial plate) with indicating arrows. The scale is divided into segments that indicate the actual pressure drop on the filter from 0 to 20 kPa. There are the indicating drop values through 5 kPa (0, 5, 10, 15, 20 kPa) on the scale for the convenience of contamination control.

    The black arrow indicates the actual pressure drop on the filter at the exact moment of operation. It is required to set manually the permissible pressure drop on the filter using red arrow on the scale. When the black and red arrows reach or coincide, the filtering element should be cleaned or replaced.

    Depending on the position of the indicator’s visual scale concerning the direction of gas flow through the filter or pipeline, the arrow type contamination indicators are available in two versions: "left-to-right" and "right-to-left".


All models of gas filters (DN 25÷300 mm) can be equipped with a condensate outlet for draining condensate without demounting the filter or dismantling it from the pipeline.


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